The requirements of this group project were to find a crafts room, analyse it and present the results graphically. We found a store for electronic appliance, where parts can also get repaired. The aspects of the analysis were the repair work process and the storage of the electronics. Crafts room (in German, PDF, 5,4MB)

In the last semester of my studies I had the opportunity to begin learning how to work with the Rhinocerous computer program. In this course I had to submit a final 3D character and I created a robot.

I had to design a brochure for a company, which works in the network security area. Brochure (JPEG, 3MB)

I took part in this course, where we had to design a logo for our future architecture company. First I began with sketches, then made a prototype of wood and finally cast the actual logo from tin. 

This was a personal project, in which I put together small parts of everyday stuff and some vegetation and cast them with resin. The end result were ready-to-be jewellery pieces.

This was an university project in which I had to analyse the layouts of different architectural magazines – the rough structure, the positioning of the elements and also some colours details.