Dance Loft in Aachen, Germany

Dance Loft in Aachen

You can find a few private dance schools across the city of Aachen, Germany, where varieties of dance styles, from ballet through modern to break dance, are taught. The purpose of this project was to design a place where self-taught dance groups can practise and perform outside the private dance schools.
The room organization should include a 300m2 flexible performance space, four smaller practice rooms, two classrooms, offices and supporting facilities like locker-rooms, toilets and storage space.
This was a group project and as a team member I participated in most of the project phases – initial research, brainstorming, idea generating and execution of the technical plans, both sections and details. Furthermore, I  worked on the 3D modeling, light planning and calculating the thermal bridges. In addition to the model making, I prepared the cut-ready files for the laser machine.   

Piktos_neu grauEN-01Piktos_neu grauEN-01
Piktos_neu grauEN-02Piktos_neu grauEN-02

The Project

In order to highlight the verticality of the building, we chose the mullion and transom as a facade decision. We also wanted to convey the overall feeling of a uniform building, which we managed to do by using the aluminum fold-and-slide vertical blinds. They could also be opened on all the levels and make the room structure of the building identifiable. The infill in form of panel’s purpose is to create some private sphere and direct the viewer’s perspective. 

collage (2)collage (2)
modell inenmodell inen